Volume 02, Issue 02, February 2022

Architecture of Gtbank in Nigeria: A case study of selected Gtbanks in Lagos state

Author(s): Edward Adeshola Oladigbolu                                                                                                                                            Pages 01 – 05

Monitoring and remedial measures of crack developed due to Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR): A Case Study

Author(s): R.S. Sehra, Vipin Kumar                                                                                                                                                     Pages 06 -11

Vishwakarma Yojna An Approach Toward Rurbanization of Motal Village

Mahipalsinh K. Gohil, Jigneshkumar B. Khant, Prof. D.J. Panchal, Dr.P.M. Shah                                                                        Pages 12 -17